Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Digital Illustration 2011 - Assignment 1

For the first post in class, we were asked to research Technical Illustrations. Below I have included links to details on what tools are used with Technical Illustration, and a few examples of Technical Illustrators. 

Details on Technical Illustration Attributes:

Technical Illustrators
Beau Daniels & Alan Daniels:
Jim Hatch:
Randal Burkey:

A Few Observations: (mixed personal observations, and facts found on eHow as credited above.)
  • Generally there is a heavier line weight on the periphery of the silhouette.
    • Often times to show depth, the closer outline will be darker while the further outline will be a lighter value but it retains the same line weight. 
  • From what I saw there is little value or color in many of the drawings, however color/value can be used to emphasize a particular area, especially prevalent in blow apart diagrams used in illustrated DIY walk-through.
  • While in the past illustrations were hand drawn, today they are typically created using CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) which reduces production time and increases the accuracy. 

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