Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Final Project

FINALLY! lol I have tried this ten times, and each time it was still too large for blogger. -.- hope i didnt lose too much fidelity.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sketch 49 July 19 2010 DNA Book Spreads Pages 1-12 WIP

Sketch 48 July 19 2010 DNA Book Spreads WIP

So they finally got me the script... kind of and its due tomorrow. Anyway Enough ranting, here is a WIP of the layouts I have. Ignore the characters not interacting in the first two frames, I am using the bodies and such as templates. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sketch 47 July 18 2010 Quick 9 More Hand Sketches

I am finding that the ones I do out of my head are much more dynamic, and when i draw from life I lose all sense of movement. -,- I am getting angry why I can't draw from life better. Guess its my fate to refer to life, but not to represent it 100%

Sketch 46 July 18 2010 Quick 5 Hand Sketches

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sketch 45 July 16 2010 Robot Giant

Sketch 44 July 16 2010 1 Minute Warm-ups

Yup, I still think that clothes are what mess me up. I need to practice materials more -.- 

Sketch 43 July 16 2010 Long Lost Golem WIP

I forgot I had this, its my character page/sketch of ADOM my radio-active golem dude...

Sketch 42 July 16 2010 Girl Daydreaming Sketch

Sketch 41 July 16 2010 Two 10 Minute Figure Studies

Sketch 40 July 16 2010 10 Minute Figure Study

Sketch 39 July 16 2010 10 Minute Illustrative Figure Sketch

It's riddled with proportional changes, and I am not satisfied with it at all, but I can't be picky about my sketches going on my sketchbook when I need 30 summod more ;) 

Sketch 38 July 16 2010 2 Minute Digital Sketch Practice

Sketch 37 July 16 2010 2 Minute Sketch Practice

Sketch 36 July 16 2010 DNA Book WIP sketch

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sketch 35 July 13 2010 Sky Ships WIP

Holy crap I'm going to die. ;) Here is a WIP for another Final I am working on... @.@

Sketch 34 July 13 2010 Finals Are Coming

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sketch 33 July 11 2010 Two page spread WIP

This will be page 2 and 3 a mother and her daughter are talking over breakfast. The character is just in there to compare the feel of the character against the higher level of rendering in table and props. Remember, this is a quick mock up, and  I will be moving bowls/cups around as the mother comes into the frame, etc. I also plan on adding food into the bowls and oj into the cups. I think I will keep the background simplistic for time constraints. Let me know what you think? Thusfar I have put about four hours into this, and I need to work at least 15 hours to get the credit. @.@ lol really it will be pretty cake. :) Let me know what you think :) Oh, and the mom is black and white on purpose, because I wanted to finish my value study before I went ahead and colored her. Oh, and her arm is technically going into the other frame, the page division between the two pages is dead center. The format is roughly 4"x5".

Sketch 32 July 11 2010 Book Prop Callouts

Here is one of the bowls and cup I am going to use in my upcoming book illustration, I will upload a mock up of the spread, unfortunately I don't have any of the dialog to help you make sense of what is going on. 

Sketch 31 July 11 2010 Book Mock Up

So... for my final project for my understanding DNA Class... yeah.. not so liking having 3 weeks to do 25 spreads for this children's book, two others doing the story... I am doing all the illustrations... i think I might just die lol this is my rough toss out of a cover, since the story isn't solid nor is there a title.. anyway the simplified kid drawings are because at the end of the book the little girl is drawing with crayons what her family might look like now that she understands what DNA is and how it affects how we look. They want to 'publish' the book via e-book for little kids to learn about DNA. @.@ brace yourselves for a rough couple of weeks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sketch 30 July 08 2010

I think I am finally beginning to draw feminine women, instead of feminine men. :) lol 

Sketch 29 July 08 2010 City WIP

Sketch 28 July 08 2010

Sketch 28 July 08 2010

Sketch 27 July 08 2010

Sketch 26 July 08 2010 Robot Sketch

I have long since given up on trying to upload these daily. 

Sketch 25 July 08 2010 Figure Drawing

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sketch 24 July 07 2010 Figure Drawing

Here is me taking another stab at drawing from life digitally.