Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Assignment 1 - Samsung Vibrant Technical Drawing

For this assignment, we were asked to do some research. A few of the questions we sought to answer include:  what makes a technical drawing, what tools are used in creating a technical drawing, and some examples of artists who create technical drawings for a living. 

Through my research I found several things which stayed consistent, and a few techniques that varied across a broad spectrum of artworks. I decided for my technical drawing, that I would do a drawing of my cell phone using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. After completing the technical drawing, I imported it all into Photoshop for the final composite. My idea stems from two areas, the first was to incorporate the idea of consistent clean lines found in a typical technical drawing. Second, I wanted to use the aesthetic found in architectural blueprints to unify many of the elements.  

I found that the pen tool was easy to use, however I recognize that the typography is in dire need of adjustment. Feel free to give any comments, I would love to hear them. Thank you for stopping by.



Laurel said...

I love the blueprint paper, which emphasizes the technical aspect of the illustration. The line quality is good, and the white line-work is unique and provides an interesting contrast. Perspective is excellent. The green android is a distracting focal point that I would tone down or color the android blue/white (to make it less of an eye-catcher), unless it is the intended focal point. In which case, I would relocate it away from the immediate corner space. Overall, nicely done!

Preston F said...

thank you, I will make modifications to the design. I agree that the green lends itself too much as a focal point.

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