Monday, February 14, 2011

Assignment 6 - Impasto Research

Impasto is created using a thick, textured paint to create the illusion of dimension. Van Gough was among the first to use this technique for expression rather than to create a physically and visually dimensional painting. The next time you view an impasto painting, think about what it might look and feel like if they did not use such thick strokes. Often times, the painting will lose its sense of movement and life. While to some impasto might seem crude and childish, there is a great deal of thinking that goes into laying down the paint.  You can achieve this effect a through a variety of techniques, the most obvious being load your brush with a copious amount of paint. Another method to apply thick dimensional paint, is to use palate knives.

Here is an example of Impasto:

Here are a few related artists you might enjoy:
Vincent Van Gough
Lucian Freud
Monica Fallini

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