Monday, February 7, 2011

Assignment 5 - Drybrush and Scumble

Dry brush is a technique used with both oil based, and water based paints. Essentially you load your 'dry' brush with a small amount of paint. You then apply the paint with a rapid movement across the paper. The effect it creates gives a cool texture, kind of a soft feathery feel. You can use a dry brush technique to add interest or texture to areas a painting.  Typically the colors are pretty solid, and sit on top of the other paint (its not meant to blend in, it is generally intended to sit on top of the rest of the paint.)

Scumbling is the art of 'painting' in layers. It is similar to glazing in the sense that the purpose is to generate complex interactions of layers. While you add more paint on top, the paint below is still visible. Similarly to the dry brush technique, it can be used to create atmosphere, and softened transitions between colors.

A few artists who use these techniques include:
El Greco
Ludek Pesek
Andrew Wyeth

Here are a few useful videos to help you visualize each process:
Dry Brush (terrible painting but it gives you the idea)

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